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mosaic tile art and mosaic workshops by Shelby
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SAMA - Society of American Mosaic Artists

Welcome to the Glass Art Woman's Mosaic Art Site

Mosaic art is my passion and my obsession...mosaic tile is my palette to capture light and reflect life. On this site you will find a brief history of mosaic tile art, my mosaic tile art and glass creations and find out a bit about me. My mosaic art pieces are made from glass tiles, millefiori and tesserae from Italy and many other places, Some glass tiles used in my art are rare antique glass. Check the descriptions on each mosaic art piece to see the description of the tiles, mirrors and other unique pieces use to create mosaic tile art.

Mosaic art captures my creative soul so profoundly that I call myself Glass Art Woman. To me, glass art (which is called so many things like tile art, mosaic art, mosaic art tile, or just simply mosaics) offers an artist the broadest range of expressive avenues. I am both a teacher and student of mosaic art and invite you to learn this art form at mosaic workshops given in my studio in California, or join me (and others) for advanced studies in Greece and Italy.

Mosaic art is a centuries old art form using tiles of glass, ceramic, stones (pebbles) and all manner of small objects. Most of my mosaic art pieces are made with imported Italian glass or tesserae and millefiori. My artistic mosaics include murals, mirror frames and other objects designed to grace your home or garden with mosaic tile art that captures the interchange of light in color in unique ways.

Thank you very much for visiting, please enjoy my gallery of mosaic art and come back soon......... Shelby

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